• What risks have I not yet considered?
  • Should I talk about my money with my children?
  • How can I ensure my children to be responsible with this money?
  • Is my inheritance in order?
  • Should I have a living will?
  • Is the performance of my portfolio enough?
About Accendo Capital Group



About Accendo

Accendo Capital Group was set up as an independent investment management firm to manage accounts on a discretionary basis for a limited number of private and institutional clients, in a personalized manner.

Our aim is to provide clients with a customized service and an independent and unbiased investment approach that translates into superior risk-adjusted returns.

We strive to identify innovative investment opportunities across various assets classes and geographical regions.  This way we offer our clients the diversification they need as well as a wide set of opportunities – while keeping a keen focus on managing risk.

Accendo Capital is based in Miami.